About Smoltek

Smoltek is a global technology provider for the new wave of advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration. 

Mission statement

Smoltek has an uncompromising focus in the development of nanostructure fabrication technology in order to solve advanced materials engineering problems. 

By pioneering carbon nanotechnology, we are literally pushing the limits for the miniaturization of the new wave of microelectronics.

Business concept

Smoltek specializes in the development and integration of carbon nanotechnology in electronics to solve various advanced materials technology problems.


We are developing applications for advanced circuit packaging and heterogeneous integration for the semiconductor and electronics industries, but we are also actively investigating other industrial sectors where our disruptive technology can create new and revolutionizing solutions. 

Smoltek provides its technology through license agreements, thus building a long-term and scalable business. 


Smoltek shall, through licensing of its intellectual assets and technology, offer revolutionizing/disruptive solutions to engineering problems. 


Smoltek enables the production of smaller and better microelectronic components through solutions for smarter integration. The company’s cutting-edge/disruptive technology offers a broad field of production processes, among those CMOS-compliant devices, in order to meet today’s and tomorrow’s materials engineering challenges. 

Smoltek offer

The company’s technology platform enables controlled growth of precisely localized and defined nanostructures, as individual fibers or in predefined patterns or films. This is done through catalytic growth processing, with materials and process conditions compatible with industrial requirements. 

One example of how and where Smoltek’s technology can be implemented is in miniaturized capacitors for integration into semiconductor circuits - a key application in advanced packaging of high-performance processors.

Smoltek provides groundbreaking technology for the new wave of heterogeneous integration and advanced semiconductor packaging. By pioneering carbon nanotechnology we keep scaling advanced semiconductor packaging technologies on a system level.

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