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Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB

The Smoltek share is listed on Spotlight Stock Market since February 26, 2018. Short name is SMOL, and the share is traded through banks and stock brokers.

Share short name: SMOL
Share ISIN-code: SE0010820381
Share CFI-code: ESVUFR

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Financial calendar

27/10/2022 | Interim Report, Third quarter (Q3)

22/02/2023| Year-end Report, Fourth quarter 2022 (Q4)

Smoltek – Pioneering Carbon Nanotechnology


Smoltek is a global provider of Intellectual Property for process technology and concepts based on carbon nanotechnology, primarily providing applications for the semiconductor industry. The main focus is applications within the segment for advanced circuit packaging and heterogeneous integration.


Smoltek's technology concepts are based on a patented core technology which enables catalytic growth of vertically aligned conductive carbon nanostructures that can be grown in precisely defined patterns – in other words, carbon fibers of the thickness of approx. 1/1000 of human hair can be manufactured, and exactly located, on the surface of a suitable material.


This technology constitutes the platform for the company's patented technology applications, such as CNF-MIM capacitors – a technology for ultra-thin capacitor components for use in integrated circuits, or a high-performing cell material for electrolyzers – which has the potential to enable a much more efficient production of fossil-free hydrogen.


Smoltek offers the market access to this technology by licensing of its Intellectual Property – patents and know-how – supported by technology transfer and long-term relations. However, in collaboration with others Smoltek also will manufacture products – like capacitors and electrolyzer components.    

The company protects its unique technology through an extensive and growing patent portfolio consisting of some 100 patent filings, within 20 patent families, of which 74 are currently granted patents.


Smoltek is listed on Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm, Sweden, under the short name SMOL.

CEO Interview 

Interview with Anders Johansson, former CEO of Smoltek. He speaks about the future of Smoltek with a focus on the first half of 2021.


Smoltek has a revolutionizing concept of how to make tiny semiconductor components smaller.


Smoltek is pioneering  carbon nanotechnologywhich will change the world. 

Smoltek story


In December 2005 Shafiq Kabir establish "Shafiq's Molecular Technological Company" (SMOLTEK). First patent is filed – basic patent on how to grow nanostructures. 

  • 2009 Patent platform secured. Development projects are outlined. 

  • 2011 Succeeds with growth of carbon nanofibers below 390° C. This fact, together with the materials used, means that the growth process is now proven to be CMOS-compatible. 

  • 2015 Integration of the first carbon nanofiber-based capacitor prototype. The foundation for CNF-MIM technology takes shape. 

  • 2017 The semiconductor industry confirms interest in Smoltek based on the technological successes of the revolutionizing capacitor technology, which means that miniaturization of chips can be achieved with retained and even better performance. 

  • 2018 Proves industrially attractive capacitance density performance for the CNF-MIM technology

  • 2019 Tremendous progress with the CNF-MIM technology: Demonstration of a capacitance density of over 650 nanoFarad per square millimeter, the equivalent series resistance (ESR) is reduced to below 40 mOhms. The CNF-MIM technology now demonstrates the same performance as today’s technology solutions, at just a fraction of the device height.

  • 2020 First evaluation license agreements for the CNF-MIM technology are signed.  The first with a leading capacitor manufacturer, the second  with a passive device manufacturer. 

  • 2021 Smoltek demonstrates the thinnest capacitor in the world. It is a prototype of a CNF-MIM capacitor, including necessary substrate, with a total height of just under 40 micrometers. 

  • 2021 Smoltek presents whitepaper – and achieves proof-of-concept – of new high-performance, nanofiber-based cell-material for membranes in electrolyzers. 

Smoltek story – the longer version