Smoltek negotiate CNF-MIM demo project

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Smoltek negotiates with Imec on an industrially compatible process demonstration for CNF-MIM.

Smoltek has entered into negotiations with Imec, the world-leading research institute, on demo production of CNF-MIM capacitors in industrially compatible CMOS format, so-called 300mm format.

- Imec is a unique player with a complete and industrially compatible 300mm line, under one roof. They also have experience in the field of carbon nanotechnology, which we see as an added strength, says Anders Johansson, CEO of Smoltek.

- This negotiation is entirely in line with what we communicated in our prospectus for the on-going share issue, to carry out demo production of CMF-MIM capacitors in an industrially compatible full-scale format environment.

An agreement with Imec gives Smoltek an external partner for the verification of the technology, beyond its own lab environment, to present to possible licensees. 300mm is the process format that is the industry standard for high volume production of CMOS-based semiconductors.

Imec in brief:

• World-leading research and development centre within micro- and nanoelectronics space.

• Headquarters, lab and industrially compatible test fab in Leuven, Belgium

• Global presence with own offices

• 4,000 researchers

• Non-profit-organisation

• Website:

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