Smoltek adds cutting edge expertise to the board

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Gustav Brismark has been elected as a new member of the board of Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB at the company’s AGM on May 16th.

Gustav Brismark has extensive experience of patent and licensing issues and commercialisation of new technology. Until March this year the title of Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Ericsson. He has a long background in research at Ericsson and has, since 2004, been working on the creation of business models for and the commercialisation of the company’s patent portfolio. Now he's part of the Smoltek team.

“It is all about creating both the technology and the business models that enable the commercialisation of the technology. And this can be found at Smoltek as the company now builds up a successful licensing model using its technology, and I am extremely impressed by what I see in the company. It is a very exciting time to become a part of Smoltek”, says Gustav Brismark.

With his expertise, Gustav Brismark provides a strategic addition to the Board as Smoltek now works towards bringing its solutions within nanotechnology closer to the market through licensing.

“You have to find business in which both the owner of the technology and those who want to use it, often large global companies, are all winners. Dealing with large companies is always a complex business and in this context I can contribute in helping to find ways forward.”


Image: Gustav Brismark, new Smoltek board member

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