Smoltek participates in Swedish business delegation to South Korea

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Anders Johansson, CEO at Smoltek

Smoltek will be part of a Swedish business delegation going to Seoul, South Korea in December. This gives us the opportunity to connect and have a sit down with Korean semiconductor giants.

Smoltek is invited by Business Sweden to participate in the upcoming High-level business delegation to South Korea, December, 17-19. The aim for the visit is to build strategic competitiveness through innovation and collaboration between the two countries.

The background to this visit is the celebration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Sweden. The main theme for the will be “Building Strategic Competitiveness Through Innovation” with the following industry specific tracks:

  • Life Science and Healthcare

  • Innovative and Sustainable Cities

  • Manufacturing Innovation with AI

  • Tech/Startups

Smoltek CEO Anders Johansson will, together with senior advisor Daniel H. Cho, participate in the business delegation for networking and connecting with new potential business partners, as well as meeting and conduct deeper discussions with connections already made. They will also meet and discuss opportunities and disruptive solutions with important South Korean key players in the semiconductor innovation and startup field, among them the C.LAB, which is Samsung Electronics corporate startup division.

Another important part of the business trip is to pitch Smoltek’s unique capacitor technology to representatives within the heart of the semiconductor industry and innovation-hubs in South Korea. This is an important opportunity to expand the number of contacts and make a deeper understanding of what Smoltek brings to the table when it comes to the future development of integrated circuits.

Business Sweden Korean invitation 60years

Image 1: Anders Johansson, CEO at Smoltek

Image 2: Business Sweden – Korean invitation for Swedish-Korean anniversary

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