Smoltek presents new improved electrical data for CNF-MIM

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smoltek

Smoltek has presented new and improved electrical data for CNF-MIM at EDAPS in Taiwan. The focal point has been on lowering the ESR value that we presented in September.

Today Tuesday, December 17, Smoltek has presented the latest advances of the CNF-MIM technology concept. Now we can show a significant improvement of the ESR parameter since SEMICON Taiwan in September.

"We are taking the opportunity to present our CNF-MIM at EDAPS 2019, emphasizing our latest technological development. Our CNF-MIM now features an equivalent series resistance (ESR) of about 40 mΩ, which represents more than a twofold improvement compared to data released at SEMICON Taiwan 2019. This technological step also put us on a par with the other competing technologies when it comes to electrical data but at a fraction of their volume.", says Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smoltek.

The official name of the conference is “2019 IEEE Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems Symposium (EDAPS)”. It is an annual flagship event in the Asia-Pacific region and has consistently served as a platform for dissemmination of latest research in the areas of electrical design of chip, package and system.


Image: Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smoltek

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