Interview: Shafiq Kabir on Smolteks evolvement and IP strategy

Shafiq Kabir is the founder and CIO of Smoltek. Since the start of the company his thirst for knowledge and innovation has transformed into a IP strategy that the Smoltek business model now is based upon. A strategy that has evolved as the company has grown.

In december 2005 Shafiq Kabir founded a little company he liked to call "Shafiq's Molecular Technological Company". The company name soon transformed into Smoltek and the first patent on how to grow nanostructures was filed. And ever since, there has been a constant evolvement of the company.

In this interview, Shafiq takes us on a journey down memory lane. From how everything started, the evolvement of IP strategy and the company business model.

Video: Shafiq Kabir on IP and company evolvement


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