License agreement for evaluation of CNF-MIM technology extended

Smoltek announces that the agreement signed with a leading capacitor manufacturer for technical and commercial evaluation of the company’s CNF-MIM technology has been further extended, to December 31. At the same time, the parties have initiated a concrete dialogue on a possible continuation of the collaboration, with a decision to be expected during the first quarter of 2021.

This spring, Smoltek announced two separate license agreements for technical and commercial evaluation of the company’s patented CNF-MIM technology for semiconductor applications. The evaluation projects that were then started during the spring have taken longer to complete than expected.

The license that was signed in March 2020 with one of the world’s largest capacitor manufacturers, which was previously announced to have been extended to the end of October, is now extended to the end of the year without any additional cost for the licensee. The formalisation of the agreement was time-consuming, but it has now been signed. The extension enables the parties to focus on the completion of the evaluation, while at the same time discussing a possible continuation of the collaboration.

“It is satisfying that we have now come to an agreement to extend this license agreement, so that we can complete the evaluation in a purposeful manner. When this is done, the licensee will be in an optimal position to decide on a possible continued collaboration to facilitate integration of our CNF-MIM technology in upcoming products,”

says Ola Tiverman, President of the group company Smoltek Semi AB, which is in charge of licensing in the semiconductor industry.

Smoltek is also in a similar dialogue regarding a possible continuation of the collaboration with the licensee which has been granted an evaluation license valid until March 31, 2021. The company expects to be able to update on this collaboration during the second quarter of 2021.


Image: Ola Tiverman, CRO at Smoltek & President at Smoltek Semi

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