New Chairman of the Board for Smoltek AB

Ulf Börjel has enrolled the position of new Chairman of the Board since January 2017. Ulf Börjel is the CEO of the management consulting company Bconnected AB and chairman of the board at the IT company Halon Security.

He has worked within sales management and business development for more than 20 years, and thanks to his experience, will help Smoltek AB with its commercialization phase.

— Smoltek has a unique position when it comes to semiconductors and nanotechnology. The company has a patented, breakthrough technology in nanotechnology. This is an incredibly exciting industry, says Ulf Börjel.

Ulf will even be a member of Smoltek’s Advisory Board, an expended strategy forum for commercialization, where he will join Bo Hedfors (former CEO at Motorola and Ericsson), Ola Tiverman (Vice CEO Engineering at WideOrbit) and Per Stenman (Co-founder of Halon Security).

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