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Operational update for Smoltek's electrolyzer technology

Smoltek has developed a high-performing nanofiber-based cell material for PEM-electrolyzers, with potential to enable a more efficient production of fossil-free hydrogen. In the autumn of 2021, a development collaboration was initiated in collaboration with an industrial manufacturer of materials for electrolyzers, and the aim is to be able to start manufacturing small-scale prototypes in 2023.

During the autumn of 2021, Smoltek announced that the company has achieved proof-of-concept for its high-performing, nanofiber-based cell material for PEM-electrolyzers. At the same time, it was announced that the company intended to initiate a development collaboration for the continued development of the cell material, which has also taken place.

“At the end of 2021, preparatory steps were initiated in a development collaboration with a large industrial manufacturer of materials for electrolyzers. However, some delays have occurred, which means that we have not yet been able to sign an agreement or start the main part of this project,“,

says Ellinor Ehrnberg, President of Smoltek Innovation.

Smoltek is also in discussions with other potential industrial partners ahead of the further development of the cell material for PEM-electrolyzers. At the same time, the R&D team is testing different types of anti-corrosion coatings, optimizing catalysts and more.

“The ambition is to start a collaboration in 2023, or earlier, with a large manufacturer of electrolyzers or components for electrolyzers, where we together will build small-scale prototypes, so that Smoltek's nanofiber-based cell material can eventually be used in future generations,”

Ellinor Ehrnberg concludes.


Image: Ellinor Ehrnberg, President of Smoltek Innovation





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