Smoltek patent No. 63 now granted

Smoltek has yet another patent granted. This time in India. The patent is related to the growth process of nanostructures and it makes the Catalyst diffusion patent family complete.

Smoltek's 63rd patent has been granted in India and relates to the core technology of growing carbon nanostructures. It also completes the patent family for Catalyst diffusion which now contain eight (8) granted patents worldwide.

With this patent granted, our fundamental growth-related patent portfolio is now complete with a worldwide footprint. This enables us to focus on the next stage of patent portfolio development, says Dr Shafiq Kabir, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Smoltek.

Catalyst diffusion family is one of the patent families that covers an aspect of a method for manufacturing nanostructures on a given substrate. The protected method covers the concepts of stacking essential thin film materials in different configurations to facilitate growing nanostructure on a substrate once subjected to suitable CVD gas environment.

Smoltek’s patent portfolio now globally comprises 63 granted patents. Read more about our IP and patents.


Image: Smoltek R&D engineers in the Chalmers MC2 laboratory

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