Smoltek patent No. 65 now granted

Smoltek has yet another patent granted. This time in the US. The patent is related to the Assembly platform patent family in the direction of interconnects. This also makes our patent portfolio to now comprise 65 granted patents.

Smoltek's 65th patent has been granted in the US and relates to the Assembly platform family, and this particular application is in the field of interconnects and heterogeneous integrations.

Our Assembly platform patent family is a pathway to tap into the ever-increasing demand for miniaturization of electronic components and interconnect them in the form of an assembly to minimize footprint at the packaging level.

Through this patent grant, we are again showcasing both our technical and innovative capabilities of exploiting our platform technology towards the future,

says Dr Shafiq Kabir, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Smoltek.

In the context of Assembly platform and interconnects, the present applications concepts take advantage of the wettability properties of nanostructures to form small sized composite interconnect bumps together with traditional solder/metal materials. Such composite interconnects provide a means to improve the electrical reliability of the solder/metal bumps since carbon nanostructures are inherently capable of carrying high current at a much smaller footprint.

Smoltek’s patent portfolio now globally comprises 65 granted patents. Read more about our IP and patents.


Image: Smoltek R&D engineers at Chalmers MC2 laboratory

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