Smoltek receives order from global manufacturer of consumer electronics

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Smoltek, which has an IPO planned at the end of the month, has received an order from a globally leading manufacturer of consumer electronics.

The company recently got an order from a world leading process technology supplier. Smoltek has now received another order from a global leader in the consumer electronics space. The CEO of the nanotech company, Anders Johansson, is very satisfied about receiving this order and is positive regarding the future: “We see this order as an additional confirmation of that Smoltek’s unique technology is relevant to the industry today, and for many different application areas. Our long-term business development efforts are just beginning to pay off and we are well positioned with practical know-how as well as strong patent protection”, says Anders Johansson. The order includes a series of process tests for evaluation of Smoltek’s technology for a customer specific application area. The delivery is scheduled for March-April 2018. About Smoltek

Smoltek was founded in 2005 and is a public company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It specializes in development of nanostructure fabrication technology to solve advanced materials engineering problems. Smoltek has a portfolio of 65 patent assets, of which 48 are granted today. The market segment where Smoltek is active is called Advanced Packaging and is estimated by Research & Markets in a market update from September 2017 to grow with an average of 7,19 percent per year (CAGR) during the period 2016-2022 and have a market value of 40,33 MdUSD by year 2022. Smoltek’s IPO is planned to late February and right now the company have an offer that you can find more information about on the Investor Relations page at our website. The public can buy shares until February 9. For more information

Anders Johansson, CEO Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB +46 708-393 693


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