Smoltek Innovation

Evaluating a number of fields for future applications to solve advanced materials engineering problems 

Smoltek specializes in the development of nanostructure fabrication technology in order to solve advanced materials engineering problems.
Through the subsidiary Smoltek Innovation we are evaluating a number of fields for future applications. 
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Smoltek is literally pushing the limits for the scaling/miniaturization of the new wave of microelectronics. Within a number of areas our disruptive carbon nanostructure technology can enhance, or replace, today’s existing solutions. 

Our patented and patent pending technology platform enables growth of carbon nanostructures on a CMOS compatible industrial platform at industry-compatible temperatures. 

The R&D is focused on engineering combinations of material stacks that enable the growth of carbon nanostructures on different substrates with the freedom to tailor the positioning and properties of the grown nanostructures. 

This makes our technology relevant in surface engineering and several other technological platforms and applications. 

Business potential - energy technology  

Smoltek is evaluating several applications in energy storage and energy conversion. Fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries are examples of areas with very high economic potential where surface conditions are central to the performance. This applies, for example, on membranes, flow plates and electrodes, while today's materials constitute limiting factors for efficiency, service life and safety.   


Business potential - medical technology applications  

Medical technology is a new prioritized application area for Smoltek's technology. We are actively evaluating the potential in several applications within this field. Bioelectrodes for Medtech applications is one such possibility. Improved interfaces between organic tissue and carbon nanofilm on the surface of "hardware", such as implants, fixtures or prostheses, could be another option. 

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