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SMOLTEK Tiger is an assembly platform concept for advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration. It consists of integrated capacitors, interconnects and interposers encapsulated by an thermal heat dissipation film.

Smoltek's unique technology makes it possible to manufacture higher quality electronics that are smaller, faster and more reliable. Yes, it's even more environmentally friendly. 


We have created four applications that are the future of the new wave of microelectronics. These applications create a system called SMOLTEK Tiger™. The system is an advanced package containing all electronic parts: processors, memories and capacitors mounted on a mini-PCB. 

The applications are all based on SmolGROW™ – our core technology concept.


SMOLTEK Tiger assembly parts:

  • Interconnects ›› CNF based microbumbs (can be densified about 10 times compared to today's metal pillar) between various parts of an integrated circuit, e.g. between processor and interposer. These can be >1/10 less than today's soldering points, which leads to a smaller processor.

  • Integrated capacitors ›› Very small (only 10 percent the size) high performance capacitors with extremely low profile . 

  • Interposers ›› Circuit chassis consisting of internal PCB made of silicon/ glass, may have integrated capacitors and space for memory and processor.

  • Thermal film ›› High efficiency heat dissipation out of the capsule

Applications in SMOLTEK Tiger™ 

CNF-MIM - integrated capacitors 

Smoltek CNF-MIM capacitor technology is a revolutionizing way of making high performance capacitors with an extremely small footprint and a very thin profile. 

SmolINCO - Component Integration Interconnects

The SmolINCO™ concept improves the overall performance and reliability of existing Cu-based microbump technology and smoothens the scaling path down to ~5μm pitch, and beyond that solder free thermal compression bonding.

SmolINPO - Interposers concept

SmolINPO™ is our interposer concept based on super conductive nanostructures. It facilitates ultra-fine pitch integration of multi-die SiP (System-in-Package) components as well as with integrated solid-state mini-supercapacitors for multiple functions. 

SmolTIM - Thermal enhancement materials

SmolTIM™ is Smoltek’s heat dissipation concept that facilitates higher performance and sustained lifetime for RF and Power Electronics components.  


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