Thermal interface materials

SmolTIM™ is Smoltek’s heat dissipation concept that facilitates higher performance and sustained lifetime for RF and Power Electronics components.


With higher component integration comes more power — and more heat – per area unit. Components running too hot provides reduced performance. Shorter lifetime is another result.


However, highly conductive nanostructure materials can efficiently transfer the heat to offload thermal stress. These materials can be processed in standard type tooling and be compatible with today’s production process and materials in use. 

SmolTIM™ benefits

The thermal films are based on carbon nanostructures that we can design/enigneer for use as thermal interface materials in order to cool off electronic units and devices as heat is one huge problem when it comes to miniaturization of microelectronics.

In our Smoltek Tiger assembly platform that will shrink the 2.5D/3D package by XX percent we incapsulate the interconnects, interposers, integrated capacitors by an thermal heat dissipation film.


That ultrathin film is the SmolTIM™.


White papers

Smoltek provides groundbreaking technology for the new wave of heterogeneous integration and advanced semiconductor packaging. By pioneering carbon nanotechnology we keep scaling advanced semiconductor packaging technologies on a system level.

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