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Hydrogen industry storing and transmitting renewable energy and decarbonizing industry, transportation, and heating. Electrolyzer Technology Learn more about our electrolyzer technology Read more Whitepaper Whitepaper on our electrolyzer technology Download Hydrogen News News from Smoltek Hydrogen  Read more Hydrogen News (Swedish) Press releases in Swedish  Read more 0 Thomas Barregren Smoltek is reducing the iridium load in...
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Hydrogen is used for more than you think

The title of this post, Hydrogen is used for more than you think, is perhaps too presumptuous. Perhaps you know all the uses of hydrogen. But the fact is that if you take what is written in newspapers and said on the radio and television as any reflection of the uses of hydrogen, you are...
Fossil-free future is speeding up

A giant market for new Swedish technology

In order to enable the extensive electrification and to replace fossil raw materials in industry, large investments are being made globally in the production, distribution and use of completely fossil-free hydrogen, so-called green hydrogen. In Sweden, some attention is certainly directed towards the steel industry's investments, but the huge interest in hydrogen that we see...
Smoltek Hydrogenated AGC at the Smoltek office

Smoltek Hydrogen is verifying its technology for high-volume manufacturing

...of developing. It is a new cell material that substantially will reduce the amount of iridium in the electrolyzer cell. The development of Smoltek Hydrogen’s electrolyzer cell material (ECM) is advancing according to plan, which is to lower the amount of iridium in the electrolyzer cell towards 0.1 mg/​cm2. As of now the company has produced the same amount of...
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Shafiq Kabir appointed head of volume processes within the hydrogen business area

...Head of Volume Processes at Smoltek Hydrogen In his new role, Shafiq will be head of volume processes in the group company Smoltek Hydrogen, where he will develop and evaluate concepts for volume manufacturing of Smotek’s cell material to electrolyzers (ECM) which is now being developed. The focus will be on the actual processes used...
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We have the technology to make production of green hydrogen profitable

Smoltek Hydrogen has developed a new material that solves the major technical challenge that threatens to halt the fast-growing industry for green hydrogen produced by intermittent energy sources, such as solar and wind power. With the groundbreaking nanomaterial, the use of iridium (catalysts) in PEM electrolyzers can be reduced to levels that make large-scale hydrogen...
Smoltek Cloud City


...– where we have adjusted the growth recipe to use hydrogen as input instead of ammonia. News Smoltek Hydrogen has achieved A4 size plasma Towards scalability of industrial carbon nanofiber growth: The development of the industrial manufacturing concept for Smoltek Hydrogen’s Electrolyzer Cell Material is at its final stages, with aim on being finalized during...
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Smoltek Hydrogen has achieved A4 size plasma

...useful knowledge that will prepare and speed up the transfer of the growth recipes from laboratory technology in the R&D tool to industrial technology in the Prototype Coater* , why achieving A4 size plasma is an important stepping stone towards a scalable industrial process. Shafiq Kabir, Head of Volume Processes at Smoltek Hydrogen Shafiq Kabir in...
Smoltek Hydrogenated AGC at the Smoltek office

Smoltek Hydrogen has finalized design of a Prototype Coater tool for carbon nanofibers

...our expertise in growing carbon nanofibers. We fine tune different growth conditions and select the parameters most suitable for further scale-up. The tool will also enable us to manufacture representative samples to customers with industrial scalable technology. Shafiq Kabir, Head of Volume Processes at Smoltek Hydrogen Based on the learnings from validation of the Prototype...
Ellinor Ehrnberg, President of Smoltek Innovation

World-leading vehicle manufacturer is testing custom-made cell material

...custom-made prototypes of a cell material that can significantly reduce the amount of iridium in an electrolyzer cell. The custom-made prototypes delivered by the subsidiary Smoltek Hydrogen have the potential to reduce the iridium load in electrolyzer cells by 95% compared to today's commercial materials, which is a prerequisite for large-scale production of fossil-free hydrogen....
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Q&A about capacitors and electrolyzers

At the beginning of October 2023, Smoltek’s CEO, Håkan Persson, talked at the one-day conference Aktiedagen Lund organized by the Swedish Shareholders’ Association. Some of what he said is probably known to you as a well-informed shareholder or investor, but there are also some insights, if not news, worth noting. So, I sat down with Håkan to...