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Making space for the next leap

Tech­no­logy drives the world for­ward. Smol­tek is ready to make space for the next tech­no­lo­gic­al leap in the semi­con­duct­or and hydro­gen industries.

Our pat­ent-pro­tec­ted tech­no­logy rad­ic­ally increases the avail­able sur­face for chem­ic­al and elec­tric­al pro­cesses, enabling more com­pact, energy-effi­cient, power­ful and cost-effi­cient products.

Illustration of how Smoltek's technology reduces the form factor by more than 50%.

Unleashing performance for semiconductors

The num­ber of tran­sist­ors on micro­chips is doubled every second year, driv­en by the quest for more com­put­ing power. With our tech­no­logy for ultra-thin capa­cit­ors that make space on micro­chips, the semi­con­duct­or industry can once again meet rising demands for high­er performance.

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Illustration of how Smoltek's technology reduces the need for iridium by up to 95%.

Unleashing the scale-up of green hydrogen

The interest in green hydro­gen is tak­ing off, but the cur­rent need for iridi­um drives costs, mak­ing upscal­ing dif­fi­cult. With our tech­no­logy for com­pact elec­tro­lyz­ers using a min­im­um of pre­cious cata­lyst particles, the green hydro­gen industry can turn pro­spects into business.

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A young man looks at his smartphone while travelling on public transport.

Semiconductors – present almost everywhere

Approx­im­ately 1,000 bil­lion semi­con­duct­ors are pro­duced world­wide annu­ally. To under­stand the mag­nitude of the busi­ness, that num­ber cor­res­ponds to 125 semi­con­duct­ors per per­son and year. Mod­ern elec­tric cars usu­ally con­tain 2,000 semiconductors.

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Green hydrogen – for a fossil free future

A rap­idly evolving mar­ket. In 2021, the glob­al PEM (Pro­ton-exchange mem­brane) elec­tro­lyz­er mar­ket was val­ued at USD 737 mil­lion. This fig­ure is expec­ted to rise to almost USD 4,3 bil­lion in 2027.

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Pushing the limits of nanotechnology

Smol­tek is devel­op­ing pro­cess tech­no­logy and con­cepts for applic­a­tions in order to solve advanced mater­i­als engin­eer­ing prob­lems. By pion­eer­ing car­bon nan­o­tech­no­logy we are lit­er­ally push­ing the lim­its of what is pos­sible in the semi­con­duct­or and hydro­gen industries.

Our pat­ent pro­tec­ted tech­no­logy plat­form is based on car­bon nan­ofibers (CNFs), which have very excit­ing prop­er­ties, that may dis­rupt tech­nic­al solu­tions where today’s mater­i­als have reached their lim­it of performance.

As an example, we have developed a pro­to­type of the world’s smal­lest capa­cit­or and we are devel­op­ing a new cell-mater­i­al with the ambi­tion to double (or even triple) the area-effi­ciency of PEM water-electrolyzers.

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A passion that never fades

We are sci­ent­ists and engin­eers with a pas­sion for nan­o­tech­no­logy. We are in the nev­er-end­ing search of how to enhance and fab­ric­ate car­bon nano­struc­tures, with unique prop­er­ties, in pre-defined pat­terns to enable bet­ter solu­tions with­in sev­er­al industries.

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Join the journey as investor

The Smol­tek share is lis­ted on Spot­light Stock Mar­ket. We are now in an indus­tri­al­iz­a­tion phase where we focus on two sec­tors with enorm­ous poten­tial: Semi­con­duct­ors and Hydro­gen. We plan to begin volume pro­duc­tion in 2024–2026. Join our journey!

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A career in nanotechnology

Smol­tek is on a mis­sion to deliv­er dis­rupt­ive solu­tions for the semi­con­duct­or and hydro­gen indus­tries, based on our nan­o­tech­no­logy plat­form. Does this sound inter­est­ing? Join us, and become a super­star with­in ground­break­ing technology!

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Latest news and insights

Farzan Ghavanini, CTO

Smoltek has received a new patent for improving the capacitance density of CNF-MIM capacitors

Smol­tek has received a new pat­ent for improv­ing the capa­cit­ance dens­ity of our CNF-MIM capa­cit­ors. This innov­a­tion, a type of capa­cit­or, can increase the capa­cit­ance dens­ity by two to three times, which is cru­cial for Smol­tek’s busi­ness and tech­no­logy growth. 

Sh2 John Schack Top Photo

Circularity – using hydrogen in the carbon nanofiber production process

Dur­ing the spring, we have had John Schack, a master’s thes­is stu­dent, with us at Smol­tek Hydro­gen who has been work­ing on the syn­thes­is of car­bon nan­ofibers (CNF) – where we have adjus­ted the growth recipe to use hydro­gen as input instead of ammonia.

F3d7c4 773cbfa7d72d4ffea35b0ccebf810a1amv2

Smoltek Hydrogen has achieved A4 size plasma

Towards scalab­il­ity of indus­tri­al car­bon nan­ofiber growth: The devel­op­ment of the indus­tri­al man­u­fac­tur­ing concept for Smol­tek Hydrogen’s Elec­tro­lyz­er Cell Mater­i­al is at its final stages, with aim on being final­ized dur­ing 2024. As a step­ping stone, the cap­ab­il­ity in the company’s exist­ing Plasma Enhanced Chem­ic­al Vapor Depos­ition (PECVD) tool has been exten­ded and A4 size plasma has been achieved. This is a cru­cial step towards indus­tri­al scalab­il­ity of car­bon nan­ofiber growth.

Håkan Persson, CEO of Smoltek & President of Smoltek Innovation

Smoltek receives 22.4 million through a rights issue

Smol­tek Nan­otech Hold­ing AB car­ried out a rights issue dur­ing May and June, which was sub­scribed to 86.4 per­cent. As a res­ult, approx­im­ately SEK 22.4 mil­lion was added to the com­pany, before issue costs.

Ellinor 2024 06 Webb

We have the technology to make production of green hydrogen profitable

Smol­tek Hydro­gen has developed a new mater­i­al that solves the major tech­nic­al chal­lenge that threatens to halt the fast-grow­ing industry for green hydro­gen pro­duced by inter­mit­tent energy sources, such as sol­ar and wind power. With the ground­break­ing nan­o­ma­ter­i­al, the use of iridi­um (cata­lysts) in PEM elec­tro­lyz­ers can be reduced to levels that make large-scale hydro­gen pro­duc­tion profitable. 

2024 06 13 Smoltek Interview With Phil Lessner

The future for the capacitor industry

Inter­view with Philip Less­ner, CTO of Yageo Group about the future of the capa­cit­or industry, the mar­ket and tech­no­logy needs for ultra-thin capa­cit­ors. And how CNF-MIM tech­no­logy fits into this mar­ket. This is a fol­low-up to last year’s inter­view, about how the two com­pan­ies were a per­fect fit. Yageo remains inter­ested in Smol­tek’s CNF-MIM capa­cit­ors and sees great poten­tial for using CNF-MIM capa­cit­ors now and in the future. Note: Exten­ded ver­sion (15:54 mins) avail­able on

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