Smoltek is developing process technology and concepts for applications based on carbon nanotechnology in order to solve advanced materials engineering problems. 
By pioneering carbon nanotechnology we are literally pushing the limits for the never-ending miniaturization of microelectronics.

The capacitor revolution is here

CNF-MIM capacitor technology offers the smallest form factor in the world. It's a revolutionizing way of making extremely thin high-performance capacitors with a minimal footprint.

Semiconductor industry 

Smoltek is a global technology provider for the semiconductor industry in the new wave of advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration.
Our revolutionizing carbon nanotechnology enables further scaling of advanced semiconductor packaging technologies on a system level. 

Surface engineering

Smoltek’s patented core technology platform offers controlled catalytic growth of carbon nanostructures. This proprietary technology enables new solutions for tailored surface engineering based on nanostructured carbon films for a wide range of applications within several industrial segments.

Meet with us 

We attend a number of conferences and other events throughout the year. Come and meet with us there!

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Nanotechnology will change the world

Nanotechnology has already changed the way we think of materials in several industries. And when it comes to further miniaturization in microelectronics it will revolutionize the process. We are here to do it.