Smoltek Semi

Smoltek Semi is a global technology provider for the new wave of advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration. 

Smoltek Semi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smoltek Nanotech Group. Based on Smoltek’s unique carbon nanotechnology we offer enabling solutions for miniaturization and performance improvements in the semiconductor industry. 

Our primary offer is the world’s thinnest high performance capacitor technology. Moore’s law has predicted the miniaturization of semiconductor transistors since decades, which has enabled the digital era. In comparison, not so much has happened on the micro capacitors – until now.

By dramatically increasing the conducting surface area of the electrodes in the capacitor, Smoltek’s patented CNF-MIM technology offers a much better performance within a given volumetric size. A remarkably thin capacitor is a main feature.

This is a completely new and revolutionizing way to manufacture high performance, solid state capacitors with extremely small form factor has been developed as a technology platform. This technology works for discrete component capacitors as well as integrated circuit capacitors.

Smoltek CNF-MIM capacitor technology is dramatically reducing the form factor to enable smarter placement, packaging and embedding of discrete capacitors as well as providing a way to directly integrate in IC with a much smaller 2D footprint blocking.

On top of the capacitor technology, Smoltek Semi offers various technologies for electrical interconnects, thermal dissipation from IC chips, solid state super-capacitors.

If you are interested in learning more about Smoltek and our technology for the Semiconductor industry, get in contact with us.