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The enorm­ous poten­tial with­in the wide Smol­tek IP-plat­form is the base for our pur­suit in vari­ous tech­no­logy sec­tors. By eval­u­ate dif­fer­ent chal­lenges in each mar­ket we identi­fy new oppor­tun­it­ies for us to provide revo­lu­tion­iz­ing solu­tions for future applications.

Besides serving the semi­con­duct­or and hydro­gen indus­tries with new, dis­rupt­ive applic­a­tion tech­no­lo­gies we have already set up plans to scope new areas that can be bene­fi­cial of our tech­no­logy solu­tions, such as the energy stor­age sec­tor and the med-tech sec­tor. This, how­ever, are fields where we not yet have had enough time and recourses to fully explore.

Future solutions within energy storage

We con­tinu­ously eval­u­ate dif­fer­ent applic­a­tions in energy stor­age, and here bat­tery tech­no­logy is an inter­est­ing area where sur­face con­di­tions are cent­ral to per­form­ance, as today’s mater­i­als lim­it effi­ciency, ser­vice life and safety. As an example we can look at (Li-ion) sol­id-state bat­ter­ies which with our nan­o­tech­no­logy could offer high­er energy dens­ity, exten­ded char­ging capa­city, bet­ter tem­per­at­ure per­form­ance and reduced flam­mab­il­ity com­pared to today’s batteries.

Future solutions within semiconductors

We have pre­vi­ously developed a num­ber of tech­no­logy con­cepts for the semi­con­duct­or industry. These are at dif­fer­ent stages of devel­op­ment, but all of them have had to stand back due to our cur­rent devel­op­ment of ultra-thin capa­cit­ors. As the com­pany devel­ops, there is an oppor­tun­ity for us to resume some of them again.

SMOLTEK Tiger™ – smart assembly platform

Smol­tek Tiger is an assembly plat­form concept for advanced pack­aging and het­ero­gen­ous integ­ra­tion that con­sists of integ­rated capa­cit­ors, inter­con­nects and inter­posers that are incap­su­lated by a thermal heat dis­sip­a­tion film.

SmolINCO – component integration interconnects

The SmolINCO concept improves the over­all per­form­ance and reli­ab­il­ity of exist­ing Cu-based microbump tech­no­logy and smoothens the scal­ing path down to ~5μm pitch, and bey­ond that solder free thermal com­pres­sion bonding.

SmolINPO – Interposers concept

SmolINPO is our inter­poser concept based on super con­duct­ive nano­struc­tures. It facil­it­ates ultra-fine pitch integ­ra­tion of multi-die SiP (Sys­tem-in-Pack­age) com­pon­ents as well as with integ­rated sol­id-state mini-super­ca­pa­cit­ors for mul­tiple functions.

SmolTIM – Thermal enhancement materials

Smol­TIM is Smoltek’s heat dis­sip­a­tion concept that facil­it­ates high­er per­form­ance and sus­tained life­time for RF and Power Elec­tron­ics components.

SmolNIL – Nano imprint lithography

Smol­NIL is our nano­scale imprint tech­no­logy that enables us to fab­ric­ate high aspect ratio (>1:10) imprint mold/​mask with pre­defined shapes.

SmolCAP – Supercapacitors concept

Smol­CAP is an ultrath­in high per­form­ance super­ca­pa­cit­or concept based on our car­bon nan­ofiber technology.

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