IMAPS 2020, Summary

Smoltek’s carbon based capacitors turns out to be right on target for the semiconductor industry


Image1: Karl Lundahl at IMAPS Device Packaging 2020. Main take from the conference was about the need for making semiconductor packages slimmer.

IMAPS Device Packaging Conference 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona gathered some of the very top semiconductor companies in the world for sharing the latest knowledge of the needs for future technologies. Like ‘How thin can we go?’.

Smoltek attended the IMAPS 2020 Device Packaging Conference March, 2-5 2020, together with semiconductor giants like Samsung, Qualcomm and ASE Group. And the main message of the conference was that continuous collaboration is necessary for innovation as Rich Rice, ASE’s Senor VP of Business Development, emphasized in his opening keynote.


Following up on the need for innovation, Christian Hoffmann, principal engineer at Qualcomm stated in his keynote that: ”The single most important question for semiconductor packages for mobile phones is: How thin can we make it?”

”This resonates quite well with Smolteks CNF-MIM technology as the thickness of the active capacitor stack of the CNF-MIM technology is in the single digit micrometer range. This ultra- low thickness of the active capacitive element enables Smoltek’s licensees to manufacture discrete capacitors with an unprecedented low profile.”, Karl Lundahl VP Product Managements at Smoltek states.

Anders Johansson, CEO of Smoltek, fills in: "This shows how our carbon based capacitor concept is right on target for the semiconductor industry, a new disruptive innovation that will support continuous development of advanced package architectures."

Interactive sessions

On Wednesday March 4, Vincent Desmaris, CTO of Smoltek, held an appreciated presentation in the pleasant Arizona afternoon spring. Hovering Vincent and the Smoltek poster were numerous curious conference attendants inquiring about the CNF-MIM technology and its advantages for the packaging industry.


Image 2: Smoltek CTO, Vincent Desmaris explains how CNF-MIM will scale down capacitor volume during the interactive session at IMAPS Device Packaging 2020.

Besides the sharing the latest updates of our capacitor innovation at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference Smoltek also made several new and significant connections with new industry entities/players that can be interested for licensing/development of the CNF-MIM- concept.

“IMAPS in Phoenix gathered the right companies for one-on-one meetings as well as an environment for business intelligence. And not at least great networking opportunities, all important for our future journey”, Anders Johansson, CEO of Smoltek, concluded.

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Image 3+4: Tweets from IMAPS 2020, about sharing for innovation and the importance of performance.

IMAPS2020 Twitter Smoltek.png

Image 5: Smoltek tweet, underlining that our new capacitor innovation is well on target for the industry’s future needs for slimmer capacitors.