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Introducing Smoltek Carbon Nanofiber Technology

Smol­tek can grow extremely thin car­bon nan­ofibers in vari­ous three-dimen­sion­al struc­tures that mul­tiply the address­able sur­face that can be coated with dif­fer­ent mater­i­als. By doing so, we enable the man­u­fac­tur­ing of mater­i­als and com­pon­ents that make applic­a­tions such as products, com­pon­ents and devices bet­ter – much thin­ner, more power­ful, more energy-effi­cient and/​or a lot cheap­er to produce. 

We have developed a strong pat­ent-pro­tec­ted tech­no­logy plat­form around con­trolled growth of con­duct­ive, pre­cisely loc­al­ized and defined nano­struc­tures. These can be placed and grown as indi­vidu­al fibers or clusters, in pre­defined pat­terns or films, and is done through cata­lyt­ic growth in a vacu­um cham­ber using gas and cata­lysts. Mater­i­als and pro­cess con­di­tions are com­pat­ible with indus­tri­al require­ments.
For the use of our tech­no­logy we have developed unique growth recipes by which we can tail­or car­bon nano­struc­tures at exact pos­i­tions with exact desired prop­er­ties. This is our core tech­no­logy, and it goes by the name Smol­GROW™. Part­ners can license our tech­no­logy to accom­plish solu­tions tailored to their unique needs and requirements.

The main bene­fits of our car­bon nanotechnology:

  • Reduce size
  • Save energy
  • Increase power
  • Min­im­ize costs

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