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Watch our virtual presentations at ECTC 2020

ECTC is the largest global microelectronic packaging industry event of the year. This year however it will be an all-virtual event, which means that anyone can register and watch the technical presentations. So, if you like to get in the know of the CNF-MIM technology – register, it’s free of charge!

ECTC is the premier event where the entire supply chain, from semiconductor and electronics manufacturing companies, design houses, foundry and OSAT service providers, substrate makers, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, research institutions, and universities meet.

This year the conference will be an all-virtual event. And registration is free of charge, which makes it possible for everyone to follow the technical presentations made at the event.

This also means that you are available to follow our presentations – from opening day June 3 until closing June 30.

So, if you are curious about how we can improve the semiconductor industry with the CNF-MIM technology, which enables manufacturing of the thinnest capacitors in the world, register today at!


Smoltek presentations at IEEE ECTC 2020 – virtual conference

Session 35: Additive Manufacturing and Innovative Materials for Packaging

Presentation #6


Session 43: Reliability and Failure Analyses of Emerging Materials

Presentation #5


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