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Example of growth of carbon nanofibers in precision-defined patterns in industry-compatible CMOS process

Smoltek company history and milestones, from the start with the core technology SmolGROW in December 2005 until today. 

The company is established in December by Shafiq Kabir when he starts "Shafiq's Molecular Technological Company" (SMOLTEK).

Filing for SmolGROW™ (the first core patent) which is regulating how nanostructures are grown is submitted. 

Company locates at Name-of-Incubator at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Smoltek succeeds in achieving selective growth of carbon nanofibers on silicon substrates.


Vincent Desmaris enters as CTO, speeding up the company's R&D-pace in the MC2-laboratory at Chalmers University of Technology.  

Technological development reaches a milestone as the growth of carbon nanofibers on ASIC chip is achieved.

Anders Johansson takes over as CEO of the company.


Smoltek's patent platform is secured. New milestone for technology development is achieved through the growth of carbon nanofibers on SiC (Silicon carbide) unit is succeeded.

The company carries out its first external customer project, initiated by the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.

The R&D-team develops interconnects based on carbon nanofibers in an RF unit. 

Technological milestone is achieved when the company succeeds with growth of carbon nanofibres below 390° C, which means that an industry-compatible CMOS-standard has now been achieved in the growth process. 


The focus for the R&D-team is on speeding up the growth rate of the carbon nanostructures and a significant improvement is achieved.


The company enters into an agreement on industrial process development.


New technological milestone is achieved as the company succeeds in growth of the first supercapacitor of carbon based on carbon nanofibers.


The R&D-team succeeds in Integrating the first carbon nanofiber-based capacitor, the foundation for CNF-MIM technology takes shape.

New success for the growth technology when the R&D-team succeeds in developing 3D carbon electrodes based on carbon nanofibers.

The company makes an internal decision to focus on the development of CNF-MIM technology and a number of industrial test projects are implemented.


The semiconductor industry confirms interest in Smoltek based on the technological successes of the revolutionary capacitor technology, which means that further miniaturization of chips can be achieved with retained and even better performance.

Smoltek establishes a holding company, Smolek Nanotech Holding AB, and prepares a stock exchange listing. The management group is strengthened and industrialist Peter Augustsson will take over as new chairman of the board.


Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB "Smoltek" is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm under the ticker SMOL.

The R&D-team achieves industrially attractive performance for the CNF-MIM technology, for example, the capacity density doubles.

The company delivers four test orders to different players in the semiconductor industry, these relate to different variants / parts of the company's technology platform.

The IP platform continues to develop and now consists of 51 granted patents.


The R&D-team is making tremendous progress with the CNF-MIM technology, among other things achieving a capacitance density of over 650 nanofarad (nF) per square millimeter and the internal resistance is reduced to below 40 microns (µm). The CNF-MIM technology now has the same performance as competing technology solutions, at a fraction of their building height. 


A new subsidiary - Smoltek Semi AB - is established in order to handle license agreements towards the semiconductor industry. 

At the end of the year, the company has 55 patents granted and about 100 patent applications for the future.


First evaluation license agreements for the CNF-MIM technology are signed.  The first with a leading capacitor manufacturer, the second with a passive device manufacturer. 


In the fall a new subsidiary – Smoltek Innovation – is formed in order to open up new markets for Smoltek's disruptive nanotechnology. Focus areas are energy conversion, energy storage and biotech.

The IP platform continues to develop and now consists of 65 granted patents.


Smoltek demonstrates the thinnest capacitor in the world. It is a prototype of a CNF-MIM capacitor with a total height of just under 40 micrometers.


Smoltek Innovation has pinpointed the hydrogen market for development of more efficient electrolyzers for fossil-free hydrogen production. During the year a whitepaper of the technology was published and proof-of-concept for the high-performance nanofiber-based cell-material for PEM electrolyzers was achieved. 

The IP platform continues to develop and now consists of 70 granted patents.

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