Nanotech Mag, December 7Beyond Moore Smoltek are using carbon nanostructures as the assembly platform in semiconductor advanced packaging

Elektroniktidningen, December 2 – Bygger kondensatorer av fibrer

Electronics 360, October 18Swedish Nanotechnology Start-up Company to Discuss Carbon Nanostructures at SEMICON Europa

Nanotech Mag, October 17Game changing nanomaterial semiconductor technology from Swedish company

3D In Cites, June 17Supplier updates from ECTC 2016

3D In Cites, June 16 Advancements in Carbon Nanostructures for Advanced Packaging Applications

EE Times Asia,  June 8Carbon Nanofibres key to shrinking IC packaging

EE Times Europe, June 7Swedish startup to shrink IC packaging with carbon nanofibers

EE Times, May 25 – Ultra-Dense 3-D Packaging for IoT, Smoltek Beats Moore´s Law

Dagens Industri, April 17Nanoteknink gör framsteg

>p>Nanotech Mag, April 11Swedish nanoelectronics company Smoltek chosen for award

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MEPTEC (MicroElectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council) is a trade association of semiconductor suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors concerned exclusively with packaging, assembly, and test.

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