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Become a superstar within a groundbreaking technology

Smol­tek is on a mis­sion to deliv­er dis­rupt­ive solu­tions for the semi­con­duct­or and hydro­gen indus­tries. Get ready to work across bor­ders and be sur­roun­ded by ded­ic­ated and tal­en­ted people. At Smol­tek, you will get ener­gized to reach your true potential.

Why Smoltek?

Just because there are no oth­ers like us. We are push­ing the lim­its of nan­o­tech­no­logy. Call us car­bon nan­ofiber pion­eers. Or ground­break­ing developers of dis­rupt­ive tech­no­logy based on car­bon nanostructures.

Regard­less of what, we are push­ing the lim­its for how nan­o­tech­no­logy can con­trib­ute to the digit­al revolu­tion and envir­on­ment­al sus­tain­ab­il­ity. We are always open to new ideas and smart ways of work­ing. Hav­ing a uni­fy­ing cul­ture improves our cus­tom­er rela­tion­ships and tech­no­logy devel­op­ment. It leads to great­er life/​work bal­ance, a bet­ter work envir­on­ment and long-term motiv­a­tion. We also work act­ively to ensure gender equal­ity and the require­ments that dis­tin­guishes a good workplace.

The values we live by

We live our core val­ues every day by cel­eb­rat­ing suc­cess and work­ing as a united team. These are our values:

  • Pride
  • Energy
  • Trust
  • Team
  • Cus­tom­er focus

We will always trust you, believe in you and encour­age you to be brave and take your own initiative.

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