Controlled growth of a nanostructure on a substrate, and electron emission devices based on the same

The present inven­tion pro­vides a method for nanos­truc­tures grown on a met­al under­lay­er, and a method of mak­ing the same. The grown nanos­truc­tures based on the claimed method are suit­able for man­u­fac­tur­ing elec­tron­ic devices such as an elec­tron beam writer, and a field emis­sion display.

Granted patents relating to the innovation

Patent OfficePatent
South KoreaKR101361946
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Smoltek holds unique world patents for technologies that make material engineering on an atomic level possible. Smoltek has solutions that allow continued miniaturization and increased performance of semiconductors, contribute to carbon-free steel production and renewable energy storage, and enable mind control of robotic prostheses. This is a story of how Smoltek came to be.

Helplayer IP-family expands with new granted patent

The constantly expanding Smoltek IP-portfolio is divided into several different patent families. One of them is named Helplayer, a method to protect the underlaying materials when growing nanostructures on a given surface. To this family we can add another patent number recently granted.

New Smoltek patent granted

Smoltek keep growing its proprietary technology platform. In the beginning of May 2020 patent No. 58 was granted. The patent is connected to our helplayer family.

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This is the third and last article in a series of three in which Smoltek founder and strategic advisor Shafiq Kabir share his personal thoughts on nanotechnology opportunities. In the previous two articles, he has addressed both the hype and the reality of carbon nanotechnology. In this last article, he looks into the future. He discusses how carbon nanotechnology will unleash the power of the internet of everything.


The invention: An interposer device comprising an interposer substrate; a plurality of conducting vias extending through the interposer substrate; a conductor pattern on the interposer substrate, and a nanostructure energy storage device. The nanostructure energy storage device comprises at least a first plurality of conductive nanostructures formed on the interposer substrate; a conduction controlling material embedding each nanostructure in the first plurality of conductive nanostructures; a first electrode connected to each nanostructure in the first plurality of nanostructures; and a second electrode separated from each nanostructure in the first plurality of nanostructures by the conduction controlling material, wherein the first electrode and the second electrode are configured to allow electrical connection of the nanostructure energy storage device to the integrated circuit.