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Investor relations

Stor­ies that provide back­ground and expand on the news.

Genius Steampunk Scientist Developing Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzer

Is Smoltek Hydrogen ahead of the game?

How does Smoltek's hydrogen business division compare with other PEM electrolyzer players? Smoltek Hydrogen’s president, Ellinor Ehrnberg, attended the 244th ECS meeting in Gothenburg and has the answer. In this interview, she also talks about the challenges of the industry and ways to deal with them.
Don Quixote tilting at a windmill

Background on the tax increase for Smoltek

The Swedish Tax Agency has ordered Smoltek to repay two years of research deduction from the employer contribution. The tax agency believes that Smoltek does not conduct sufficiently qualified research and development, which is untrue. This blog post explains the research deduction and why it is so difficult to obtain.
Land side capacitors

Why capacitors?

Smoltek’s business division for the semiconductor industry, Smoltek Semi, focuses one hundred percent on capacitors. Why? After all, a capacitor is not a semiconductor. And what is the endgame for this venture? These are questions we address in this blog post.
Spooky room with empty desktop

On the Curse of Knowledge and the need for a glossary

Smolek has created a glossary of terms and abbreviations that may appear in the company's communication. Although everyone who writes for Smoltek does their best to explain in layman's words, technical terms inevitably creep into the text and make it difficult to read. This is due to a cognitive bias known as the Curse of Knowledge. This is the subject of this column, published on the spookiest day of them all – Halloween.
A green plant grows from a chip.

Q&A about capacitors and electrolyzers

Håkan Persson, CEO of Smoltek, talked at the one-day conference Aktiedagen Lund organized by Aktiespararna (the Swedish Shareholders’ Association). His presentation offered some news and insights that are worth exploring further. So, let’s follow up with some questions for Håkan.
The Machine

The machine

In March 2022, we told the world we had ordered a machine. In October 2023, we announced that it is ready for delivery. But what kind of machine is it? What does it do? Why has it taken so long? Where will it be located? How will it be used? You will find the answers here.
Crystalline silicon wafer that reflects light in all colors of the rainbow

High-volume production of capacitors

Smoltek has produced a quarter million capacitors (without carbon nanofiber) and has begun producing a new batch (with carbon nanofiber). This is huge because it shows that our high-volume manufacturing process works. It is intended to be used to produce engineering samples. You could read about this in a press release. In this article, we unpack what this means.