Substantial improvement in capacitance density for CNF-MIM

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smolek

At the annual IEEE Electronic Component and Technology Conference 2019 Smoltek presented new and improved measurement data for the CNF-MIM capacitance density – now in the range over 350nF/mm^2.

The tech-team has worked really hard with the development of our CNF-MIM capacitor technology. And now at ECTC 2019 in Las Vegas, we can present the confirmed results of that specific work.

Vincent, CTO at Smoltek says: "I am very pleased to have presented the latest results of our CNF-MIM technology at ECTC2019, which demonstrates capacitance densities in excess of 350 nF/mm^2. It is important to expose our technology to the electronics packaging community. This enables our technical team to synchronize the further optimization of our CNF-MIM technology with the industry's actual needs."

Smoltek is continuously in process of optimizing the concept design in order to make it more flexible and to address other important parameters like ESR and ESL of the CNF-MIM capacitors. Furthermore, the enhancement of CNF-MIM performance metrices are always confirmed by more than one 3rd party verifications.


Image: Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smoltek

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