A new position and a new face at Smoltek

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smolek

Karl Lundahl is taking on the new position as Vice President Product Management at Smoltek, with start this fall. Karl has a long track record within the semiconductor, photovoltaic and electronic industries. In particular, Karl is bringing extensive experience in the field of advanced semiconductor packaging.

Smoltek is strengthening the management team with a new role that lies in between sales and R&D. A vital position in order to close licensing deals. And in late august the company found the right candidate for the position. His name is Karl Lundahl, and he has spent almost his entire career in the semiconductor industry.

“I have never ceased to be fascinated by the possibilities of technology, products and market potential in the semiconductor ecosystem. As one of very few semiconductor companies in Sweden, I have for quite some time been interested in Smoltek as a company. I am therefore super-excited to now becoming a part of Smoltek and to get the possibility to contribute to further expansion of the company’s business.

The semiconductor industry's constant demand for miniaturization and higher performance is what currently is driving the need for Smoltek's patented technology. There are already a number of concrete examples of very interesting opportunities to implement Smoltek's product offering where the technology has the potential to enable more high-performance, robust, smaller and cheaper semiconductor components and systems.

For a small company, however, it is difficult, if not impossible, to execute and deliver on all the business opportunities that is offered by the vast semiconductor industry. I therefore believe that one of the biggest challenges in my new position as VP Product Management at Smotek will be to prioritize wisely. In this work I think that it is important to have a solid understanding of both your own and your competitor’s technology. Having worked with applied R&D for semiconductors and electronics the past 15 years I believe that am quite well equipped in order to navigate in the ecosystem and to identify and execute on the commercial opportunities that exist - and to (equally important) actively avoid executing on the cases where the conditions are less optimal.

I am truly looking forward to become part of Smoltek’s exciting journey!”


Image: Karl Lundahl, VP Product Management at Smoltek

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