Smoltek practically doubles the capacitance density for CNF-MIM – again

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smoltek

A year ago, the capacitance density for the CNF-MIM capacitor technology was at 200 nF/mm^2. In May this year it had risen to 350. And now we nearly have doubled that to +650 nF/mm^2!

"I am excited to have presented the latest results obtained by our team on our CNF-MIM technology at SEMICON Taiwan. The CNF-MIM technology now offers capacitance densities in excess of 650 nF/mm^2 at robust temperature and voltage performance. This is more or less a doubling of the capacitance density performance that was presented at ECTC 2019 earlier this year.”, says Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smoltek.

For Smoltek it is important to expose our technology to the semiconductor and electronics industries. SEMICON Taiwan is a great event for such exposure. Industrial interaction is crucial for us to synchronize our R&D efforts with the actual needs, to ultimately support the adaption of our disruptive CNF-MIM technology.


Image: Vincent Desmaris, CTO at Smoltek

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