License agreement for evaluation of CNF-MIM technology extended

Smoltek announces that the agreement signed in the spring with a leading capacitor manufacturer for technical and commercial evaluation of the company's CNF-MIM technology will be extended until the end of October.

At the end of March this year, Smoltek announced that the company had signed an evaluation agreement with one of the world's largest capacitor manufacturers. The agreement, which relates to a license where the company's patented carbon nanofiber-based CNF-MIM technology is evaluated through a joint project, was originally intended to run until the end of August this year. This agreement has now been extended.

“The scope of the project has been expanded and thus the project period is extended to the end of October. The customer has requested additional tests for their analysis of the CNF-MIM technology and its applications. Although we cannot travel and meet in person at present, the collaboration works very well”,

says Ola Tiverman, CRO & COO at Smoltek.

With the extension of the project, the order value has increased from approximately SEK 1 million to SEK 1.35 million.


Image: Ola Tiverman, CRO & COO at Smoltek

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