New advances in the lab for CNF-MIM concept

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Smoltek has developed CNF-MIM during the last years, a concept for circuit-integrated solid state capacitors. The company now presents new verified and industrially attractive performance for this concept.

This is an important step towards licensing the technology concept to customers in the semiconductor and electronics industries. And it will put Smoltek in an attractive market position. Smoltek presents new measurements from the nanotechnology research conducted by the company at Chalmers University of Technology’s MC2 laboratory, in Gothenburg. Smoltek can now demonstrate a number of capacitor prototypes, based on carbon nanofibers with a capacitance density of 200nF (nanoFarad) per square millimeter. The value is two and a half times greater than the previously verified number, which the company presented as recently as in May this year, and has been achieved with short nanostructures, which gives a very low overall profile height, an integrational advantage. Smoltek can also confirm low internal resistance (ESR), an important parameter for practical use of the concept. The company has already demonstrated that the technology meets required break-down voltage for the actual application areas of interest. ”This is a very important step for Smoltek, as it increases the attractiveness of our technology in the customer dialogues in progress,” says Anders Johansson, CEO of Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB. He further states that there are still optimization opportunities in the concept for the future. ”The new measurement results confirm Smoltek’s leading position in innovative technology for integrated passive elements. They again show that our capacitor technology is highly relevant to meeting the challenges of future integrated circuits – higher performance on smaller surfaces”, says CTO Professor Vincent Desmaris. To summarize: Simply expressed, the capacitance density refers to how many electrons can be stored per surface unit. That a higher value is measured means that the desired performance of a capacitor can be achieved on a smaller surface.

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