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New Smoltek patent granted

Shafiq Kabir, CIO at Smoltek

Smoltek keep growing its proprietary technology platform. In the beginning of May 2020 patent No. 58 was granted. The patent is connected to our helplayer family.

The company’s third granted patent in 2020 is a European (EPO) patent. It is an invention that relates to how to grow nanostructures on substrate without destroying the underlying materials for example CMOS circuit elements, sensors etc., which may be sensitive to such a growth process. The patent covers an essential aspect of method of producing nanostructures on a substrate where the surface constitutes both conducing and non-conducting structures and devices out of the same. “This new patent covers essential aspects of a production method that enables growth of nanostructures on any given surface including presence of sensitive circuit elements underneath. The beauty of the technology lies in its simplicity. It is easy to implement in, and compatible with volume production set-ups. The new patent adds to our growth-related part of our patent portfolio, and provides additional protection of our key technology.”, says Shafiq Kabir, CIO at Smoltek.   Smoltek’s patent portfolio now globally comprises 58 granted patents. Read more about our IP and patents.


Image: Smoltek CEO, CTO, COO and CIO

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