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Smoltek has made investments in R&D equipment

During the year Smoltek has installed two new equipment systems for enhancing the R&D work. This will give the company long-term benefits with increased opportunities of technology development and cost efficiency.

Smoltek has invested in a new CVD-system for more effective and versatile growth of carbon nanostructures. The completion of the installation and subsequent commissioning of our new CVD-system to our research lab at Chalmers MC2-building allows us to increase our CNF-MIM R&D capacity, making it possible to produce our CNF-MIM prototype capacitors on 150 mm wafers.

Furthermore, the addition of the new CVD-system provides the necessary redundancy and process reproducibility in order to meet the increasing number of customer requests in terms of proof-of-concept and prototypes. This applies to semiconductors as well as to the development of new technology applications in the field of energy conversion and energy storage (ie. electrolyzers and fuel cells).

R&D engineer Amin Saleem has made the first growth in this new system – a 150 mm wafer filled with CNF-MIM capacitors

New measurement system

Smoltek has also invested in a new measuring instrument system, which provides increased possibilities, not only for measuring and electrically characterizing of different prototypes, but also assess the time and temperature stability and reliability of our devices. The investment will further increase the opportunities and cost efficiency of technology development.

R&D engineer Victor Marknäs characterizing CNF-MIM samples

"We will benefit greatly from this expanded measurement capacity where we can, for example, perform reliability tests and have a more dedicated measurement setup for CNF-MIM capacitors. For all samples we produce, several parameters need to be characterized, such as frequencies, leakage current, voltage dependence, temperature dependence and so on,”

says Victor Marknäs, R&D engineer at Smoltek.


Top image: R&D engineers at Chalmers MC2 laboratory

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