Smoltek is recruiting operational advisor

Updated: May 25, 2021

Smoltek announces that the company has recruited Martin Lenart, as a part-time operational advisor.

Marting Lenart has over 30 years of experience from various roles in development, marketing, sales and management in the USA, Europe and Japan in the semiconductor industry. This recruitment means that Smoltek is provided with valuable knowledge and experience in its continued investment in reaching industrial production of the company's ultra-thin CNF-MIM capacitors.

"Smoltek's board sees a significant need to continue the ongoing process of strengthening the company's industrial knowledge and development capacity in the semiconductor area"

, says Smoltek's chairman Peter Augustsson.

The chairman elaborates: "This process was initiated in 2020, and it has so far included efforts such as the creation of our two operative group companies Smoltek Semi AB and Smoltek Innovation AB, where we are now building separate organisations for our different development projects, and the appointment of Marie Landfors as interim CEO, which gives us a more process industrial focus. The recruitment of Martin Lenart, who will work actively with the continued development of our operations related to the semiconductor industry together with Smoltek Semi AB’s President Ola Tiverman, is another step forward."

The Board is currently working very actively with the optimization of Smoltek's way forward together with the newly appointed CEO, and will report more comprehensively on the planning for Smoltek's focus areas and goals for the rest of 2021 shortly.

About Martin Lenart

Martin has over 30 years of experience from various roles in development, marketing, sales and business management. He has been active in the United States, Germany, Norway and Japan and has held leading positions in the semiconductor industry, including as vice president with world sales responsibility for Renesa's Industrial Business Unit. Today, Martin works as a board advisor for technology companies that want to establish themselves and grow in a global market. He is basically a graduate engineer in computer technology at Lund University.

Image: Martin Lenart

This content is an outtake from a press-release published on May 10.

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