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Col­lec­tion of videos we have pro­duced. Most of them are also avail­able on our You­Tube.

2024 06 13 Smoltek Interview With Phil Lessner

The future for the capacitor industry

Interview with Philip Lessner, CTO of Yageo Group about the future of the capacitor industry, the market and technology needs for ultra-thin capacitors. And how CNF-MIM technology fits into this market. This is a follow-up to last year's interview, about how the two companies were a perfect fit. Yageo remains interested in Smoltek's CNF-MIM capacitors and sees great potential for using CNF-MIM capacitors now and in the future. Note: Extended version (15:54 mins) available on
Håkan Persson

Webinar: Future direction

Smoltek held a webinar where CEO Håkan Persson talked about the future direction of the company. The webinar was held in Swedish. You can watch it below.
Farzan Interview 2024 04

A new generation of Smoltek’s CNF-MIM capacitor technology

In this interview, Farzan Ghavanini, CTO at Smotek, talks about how Smoltek Semi has developed a new technology generation of our CNF-MIM capacitor technology. The new generation, called Gen-Zero, is the foundation for achieving the goal of manufacturing different types of capacitors with very high capacitance density – by enabling high volumetric capacitance density.
Hp Thumb 2023 06

Interview with Smoltek CEO (in Swedish)

Håkan Persson, CEO of Smoltek explains the potential in Smotek's disruptive carbon nanofiber technology and what the company's strategy looks like for the commercialization of it. Both in terms of the development of ultra-thin capacitors for application processors and a new cell material for Electrolyzers.

Smoltek and Yageo is a perfect fit

Philip Lessner, EVP & CTO at YAGEO Group explains why he and Yageo sees a lot of potential in Smotek's disruptive carbon nanofiber technology for capacitors and how the CNF-MIM-technology can roll out a wide range of ultra-thin capacitors that fit very well with the new semiconductor segments Yageo is targeting.
Ld 4

Smoltek is going from lab to fab

Louise Duker, Chief Product Officer at Smoltek, talks about how Smoltek will take the company's technology concept from manufacturing in a laboratory environment to industrial production in a factory - and how the company's product range of ultra-thin capacitors will be developed.
Farzan Ghavanini, CTO of Smoltek

Smoltek’s capacitor technology explained

Farzan Ghavanini, CTO and Head of R&D at Smoltek, explains the unique advantages of our disruptive carbon nanofiber capacitor technology. How we can make extremely small capacitors with high capacitance density, which is in high demand as the increasing power consumption of micro processors calls for ultrathin decoupling capacitors with Landside mounting.
Ellinor Ehrnberg, President of Smoltek Innovation

Smoltek’s hydrogen business explained

Ellinor Ehrnberg, President of Smoltek Innovation, explains the market strategy for our Hydrogen business. She also describes how our disruptive electrolyzer cell material will enable cheaper hydrogen production and/or more powerful electrolyzers for the booming hydrogen sector.
Youtube Interview Shafiq Kabir

Smoltek’s IP strategy explained

Smoltek's business model and IP strategy for the company's extensive patent portfolio have shifted over the years – from scientific curiosity in the beginning into solving advanced industry needs today. In this video, published in November 2020, Dr Shafiq Kabir, Co-founder and former Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) explains how the IP-strategy has transformed as the company has evolved.
Youtube Interview Karl Lundahl

CNF-capacitors explained

Carbon nanofiber capacitors (CNF-capacitors) have many advantages over conventional capacitors. Karl Lundahl, VP Product Management at Smoltek, explain what CNF-capacitors are and their advantages.
Ola Tiverman, COO of Smotek

Evaluation license agreements explained

In the spring of 2020 Smoltek signed two separate evaluation license agreements for its disruptive CNF-MIM capacitor technology. In this interview, Ola Tiverman, former Chief Operation Officer at Smoltek explains how this kind of evaluation projects are structured and what the purpose of them are.
Youtube This Is Smoltek

This is Smoltek

What are carbon nanofibers? How can they be used in the semiconductor industry? What is the role of Smoltek? The answers are given in this short, informative video.