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Smoltek’s white­pa­pers on car­bon nan­o­tech­no­logy and applic­a­tions based on our tech­no­logy platform.

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Introducing Smoltek Carbon Nanofiber Technology

Smoltek can grow extremely thin carbon nanofibers in various three-dimensional structures that multiply the addressable surface that can be coated with different materials. By doing so, we enable the manufacturing of materials and components that make applications such as products, components and devices better – much thinner, more powerful, more energy-efficient and/or a lot cheaper to produce.
Smoltek Whitepaper Introducing Smoltek Electrolyzer Technology

Introducing Smoltek Electrolyzer Technology

Hydrogen has proven to be a key to storing renewable energy and making heavy industry carbon-free. But there is a catch. The hydrogen is produced by electrolysis. Conventional alkaline electrolysis has poor efficiency. And the much more high-performing polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysis requires rare earth metals. This is where Smoltek's technology comes in. Our solution, presented in this whitepaper, makes the electrodes in PEM electrolysis up to three times more efficient while reducing the amount of precious metal needed.