First day of trading on Monday

Mon­day 26 Feb­ru­ary 2018 will be the day of trad­ing for Smoltek’s IPO at Akti­etor­get. The trad­ing starts at 9 AM.

Smoltek’s new share issue gave a pos­i­tive result and was sub­scribed to 168 per­cent. At the time for the trad­ing start will our CEO Anders Johans­son ring the bell at Akti­eTor­get in Stock­holm to announce that Smoltek’s IPO is now com­plet­ed. Then the trad­ing is offi­cial­ly started.

The CEO, Anders Johans­son, is excit­ed about the future: “This is a com­plete­ly new and very excit­ing step for Smoltek! Now we are look­ing for­ward to the company’s next phase. We are hop­ing for a con­tin­ued strong inter­est from the stock mar­ket”, says Anders Johansson.

Trading codes

Short name of the share: SMOL
ISIN code: SE0010820381

Part­ner Fond­kom­mis­sion has been Smoltek’s finan­cial advisor.

About Smoltek

The Com­pa­ny was found­ed in 2005 and is a pub­lic com­pa­ny based in Gothen­burg, Swe­den. It spe­cial­izes in devel­op­ment of nanos­truc­ture fab­ri­ca­tion tech­nol­o­gy to solve advanced mate­ri­als engi­neer­ing prob­lems. Smoltek has a port­fo­lio of 65 patent assets, of which 48 are grant­ed today. The mar­ket seg­ment where Smoltek is active is called Advanced Pack­ag­ing and is esti­mat­ed by Research & Mar­kets in a mar­ket update from Sep­tem­ber 2017 to grow with an aver­age of 7,19 per­cent per year (CAGR) dur­ing the peri­od 2016–2022 and have a mar­ket val­ue of 40,33 MdUSD by year 2022.

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Hand held circular disc with Smoltek logo

Smoltek—from carbon nanofibers to mind-controlled robotic prostheses

Smoltek holds unique world patents for technologies that make material engineering on an atomic level possible. Smoltek has solutions that allow continued miniaturization and increased performance of semiconductors, contribute to carbon-free steel production and renewable energy storage, and enable mind control of robotic prostheses. This is a story of how Smoltek came to be.

Breaking barriers: The hype

This is the first article in a series of three in which Smoltek founder and strategic advisor Shafiq Kabir share his personal thoughts on nanotechnology opportunities. This introductory article addresses the hype surrounding nanotechnology in general and carbon nanotechnology in particular.

The subscription period has started

Smoltek has been approved for listing of the company’s shares at Aktietorget. The subscription period for the IPO has now started. 1 117 300 shares are offered which corresponds to 20 MSEK.

Founder and current CIO shifts role in the company

Smoltek announces that the company’s founder and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) Shafiq Kabir will leave the CIO position on January 22, 2021 to instead take on a role as a senior advisor and active shareholder in the company.

CEO buys shares for SEK 1.35 million

Smoltek's CEO Håkan Persson has bought 50,000 shares in Smoltek for just over SEK 1.35 million. The shares were purchased from the company's two largest owners, Finn Gramnaes (Gramtec Business Partner) and current CTO, Peter Enoksson.

Watch our virtual presentations at ECTC 2020

ECTC is the largest global microelectronic packaging industry event of the year. This year however it will be an all-virtual event, which means that anyone can register and watch the technical presentations. So, if you like to get in the know of the CNF-MIM technology – register, it’s free of charge!

Electrolysis & fuel cells

Carbon nanofibers in hydrogen electrolysis & fuel cells Hydro­gen has emerged as a key to store renew­able ener­gy and mak­ing heavy indus­try car­bon-free. Two appli­ca­tion areas of imme­di­ate vital impor­tance. The core tech­nolo­gies that make this pos­si­ble are hydro­gen elec­trol­y­sis and fuel cells. Elec­trol­y­sis con­verts elec­tric­i­ty into hydro­gen, while fuel cells con­vert the hydro­gen back to elec­tric­i­ty....

Smoltek patent No. 62 now granted

Smoltek’s IP related to interposer technology keeps growing. This new US patent is covering energy storage devices embedded in an interposer, and manufacturing of the same. Our patent portfolio now comprises 62 granted patents.