Smoltek is represented at the Baltic Conference Series

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Research engineer Rickard Andersson will present the recent advances made by Smoltek at the Baltic Conference Series on Wednesday October 11.

The Baltic Conference Series October 8-11 2017 is an international event focusing on new age technology and innovations with over 500 delegates participating from over 80 countries. One of the key topics for the conference is nanotechnology and Rickard Andersson, Research engineer at Smoltek, will be presenting the recent advances made by Smoltek.

“Rickard will present the recent advances made by Smoltek with faster and more cost efficient growth of Carbon nanostructures at complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) compatible process temperatures under 400 °C. The obtained results from this work make Smoltek’s technology even more attractive for the industry and also facilitate the direct integration of Carbon nanostructures for example into electronic chips for future “Internet of things” systems”, says Vincent Desmaris, CTO of Smoltek AB.

The work he will present is the result of a tight collaboration between Smoltek, Cyprus University and Chalmers University of Technology and the topic for the presentation is “Nanoparticles-enabled low temperature growth of carbon nanofibers and their properties for supercapacitors”.

Baltic Conference Series is a biannual international event which will be held during a cruise on board the ferry M/S Mariella departing from Stockholm,Sweden during 08 – 11 October 2017.

The goal of the Baltic Conference Series is to provide an interdisciplinary global forum for researchers, educators, technocrats, students, engineers, medical and clinical professionals working in the field of sensors & actuators, medical & clinical science and technology including MEMS & NEMS, biosensors & bioelectronics, tissue engineering, transnational medicine, theranostics, drug delivery formulations, nanomedicine, digital health, etc. coming from academia and industry to present their research results, innovations, products and activities.

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