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Fredrik Liljeberg

Smoltek Hydrogenated AGC at the Smoltek office

Smoltek Hydrogen is verifying its technology for high-volume manufacturing

Smoltek Hydrogen has placed an order for the design and engineering of a Prototype Coater for industrial growth of carbon nanostructures. The purpose is to verify that the nanostructures can be grown using the equipment from AGC Plasma Technology Solutions that has been selected for future mass production – a Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) tool that can be configured for substrates of several square meters.
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We enable the next-generation capacitors

Advanced nano- and microelectronics are at the core of tomorrow’s hardware engineering. At Smoltek we are pioneering carbon nanotechnology that enables manufacturing of the next-generation solutions for the semiconductor industry. Currently the focus is on a new type of carbon nanofiber-based capacitor that fits in the extremely miniaturized packaging architectures being developed by chip manufacturers.
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Person Standing On Grass Field While Opening Hands By Kourosh Qaffari

WISE Welcome meeting

The WISE Welcome meeting is a welcoming of Wallenberg fellows and project leaders. There are also industrial partners of various projects to join the meeting. Smoltek Hydrogen/Chalmers will be presenting proposed work on strategy and targets with Low Ir loaded catalysts for PEMWE with smoltek CNF technology.
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Youtube This Is Smoltek

Introducing Smoltek Carbon Nanofiber Technology

Smoltek can grow extremely thin carbon nanofibers in various three-dimensional structures that multiply the addressable surface that can be coated with different materials. By doing so, we enable the manufacturing of materials and components that make applications such as products, components and devices better – much thinner, more powerful, more energy-efficient and/or a lot cheaper to produce.
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Discrete CNF-MIM

The Discrete CNF-MIM patent family is covering a method for manufacturing of discrete capacitor components based on our CNF-MIM technology. The innovation exploits the extra-ordinary surface to volume ratio provided by carbon nanofibers to create a MIM capacitor with unparalleled high capacitance density.
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Green World

244th ECS Meeting

Smoltek Hydrogen is attending the 244th ECS Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event brings together the most active researchers in academia, government, and industry to engage, discuss, and innovate in the areas of electrochemistry and solid state science and related technologies.
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