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Latest news from Smoltek.

Smoltek Hydrogenated AGC at the Smoltek office

Smoltek Hydrogen is verifying its technology for high-volume manufacturing

Smoltek Hydrogen has placed an order for the design and engineering of a Prototype Coater for industrial growth of carbon nanostructures. The purpose is to verify that the nanostructures can be grown using the equipment from AGC Plasma Technology Solutions that has been selected for future mass production – a Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) tool that can be configured for substrates of several square meters.
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Smoltek patent No. 83 now granted – the first in a new family

Smoltek is awarded a new patent. This patent is also the first one in a new patent family called Electro Catalyst Heating, which discloses a way of facilitating endothermic electrocatalytic reactions by adding heat in the catalytic structure in the electrolyzer cell. This patent also brings our IP portfolio to comprise 83 granted patents.
Sh2 Ecs244 Boothcamp 01

Together towards 0.1 mg iridium/​cm2

Smoltek Hydrogen attended the 244th ECS event in Gothenburg, October 8-12. This was a perfect venue to introduce our new material for electrolyzers to potential customers. The message was that now we are ready to engage in product development projects with electrolyzer companies.
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We enable the next-generation capacitors

Advanced nano- and microelectronics are at the core of tomorrow’s hardware engineering. At Smoltek we are pioneering carbon nanotechnology that enables manufacturing of the next-generation solutions for the semiconductor industry. Currently the focus is on a new type of carbon nanofiber-based capacitor that fits in the extremely miniaturized packaging architectures being developed by chip manufacturers.
Smoltek R&D-team at MC2 nanotech lab

8‑inch format process for capacitors

Smoltek Semi has developed a process for manufacturing of engineering samples in high volumes. This process will now be tested for production of CNF-MIM engineering samples in high volumes, as the first trial-run of capacitor prototypes (without the patent protected carbon nanofibers) was successful.
H2lab Xin+bastien 05

Smoltek aims to unlock the scale-up for PEM water electrolysis

Efficient use of iridium can boost green hydrogen production in this decade and Smoltek Hydrogen wants to seize the opportunity by offering a nanostructured porous transport electrode that reduces cost and optimizes use of the critical anode catalyst in PEM electrolysis cells.
Farzan Ghavanini, CTO of Smoltek

Smoltek patent No. 82 now granted

Smoltek has been awarded yet another patent in our patent family for Interposers, protecting solutions based on the CNF-MIM capacitor technology. The patent has been granted in India, bringing our patent portfolio to 82 granted patents globally.
Smoltek and Yageo CTO's at Yageo HQ.

Yageo Group sees a lot of potential in Smoltek

Philip Lessner, CTO at YAGEO Group says in an interview that he and Yageo sees a lot of potential in Smotek's disruptive CNF-MIM capacitor technology for making capacitors in extremely small form factors.
Smoltek R&D-team at MC2 nanotech lab

Smoltek patent No. 81 now granted

Smoltek has yet another patent granted. This time in India, and it is related to the Assembly platform patent family in the direction of interconnects. This also makes our patent portfolio to now comprise 81 granted patents.  
Farzan Ghavanini, CTO

Smoltek patent No. 79 now granted

Smoltek is awarded a new patent – the first one of a new patent family called Discrete CNF-MIM. This innovation discloses a discrete capacitor component based on our CNF-MIM technology. This also brings our IP portfolio now to comprise 79 granted patents.