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Webinar: Future direction

Smol­tek wel­comes you to our webin­ar where CEO Håkan Persson talks about the future dir­ec­tion of the com­pany. The webin­ar will be held in Swedish. Enter your email address below to receive an invit­a­tion link to the webinar.

Farzan Interview 2024 04

A new generation of Smoltek’s CNF-MIM capacitor technology

In this interview, Farzan Ghavanini, CTO at Smotek, talks about how Smoltek Semi has developed a new technology generation of our CNF-MIM capacitor technology. The new generation, called Gen-Zero, is the foundation for achieving the goal of manufacturing different types of capacitors with very high capacitance density – by enabling high volumetric capacitance density.
Håkan Persson, CEO of Smoltek & President of Smoltek Innovation

Smoltek’s CEO comments on the intended agreement that Yageo backed out of

Smoltek and Yageo have collaborated for a long time to enter into an agreement regarding the further development and commercialization of capacitors based on Smoltek's CNF-MIM technology. In December both parties announced the intention to enter into a license and service agreement. However, yesterday Yageo choose not to sign the agreement.
Santa Claus experiments with electricity

The shocking history of capacitors

During the festive season, there is time for longreads. We, therefore, want to offer a text that goes beyond what we usually write here on the blog but is not entirely unrelated to what Smoltek does. This is the story of the origin of the capacitor. Happy reading!
Smoltek and Yageo CTO's at Yageo HQ.

Smoltek intends to sign an exclusive agreement with Yageo Group

Smoltek has the intention to sign a global exclusive license and services agreement for discrete and embedded capacitors with YAGEO Group. This would grant YAGEO a global, exclusive right to manufacture and sell capacitor products based on Smoltek's patent protected technology platform for ultra-thin carbon nanofiber capacitors (CNF-MIM).
Pexels Jimmy Teoh 1634278

We enable the next-generation capacitors

Advanced nano- and microelectronics are at the core of tomorrow’s hardware engineering. At Smoltek we are pioneering carbon nanotechnology that enables manufacturing of the next-generation solutions for the semiconductor industry. Currently the focus is on a new type of carbon nanofiber-based capacitor that fits in the extremely miniaturized packaging architectures being developed by chip manufacturers.
Crystalline silicon wafer that reflects light in all colors of the rainbow

High-volume production of capacitors

Smoltek has produced a quarter million capacitors (without carbon nanofiber) and has begun producing a new batch (with carbon nanofiber). This is huge because it shows that our high-volume manufacturing process works. It is intended to be used to produce engineering samples. You could read about this in a press release. In this article, we unpack what this means.
Smoltek R&D-team at MC2 nanotech lab

8‑inch format process for capacitors

Smoltek Semi has developed a process for manufacturing of engineering samples in high volumes. This process will now be tested for production of CNF-MIM engineering samples in high volumes, as the first trial-run of capacitor prototypes (without the patent protected carbon nanofibers) was successful.
Smoltek and Yageo CTO's at Yageo HQ.

Yageo Group sees a lot of potential in Smoltek

Philip Lessner, CTO at YAGEO Group says in an interview that he and Yageo sees a lot of potential in Smotek's disruptive CNF-MIM capacitor technology for making capacitors in extremely small form factors.

Smoltek and Yageo is a perfect fit

Philip Lessner, EVP & CTO at YAGEO Group explains why he and Yageo sees a lot of potential in Smotek's disruptive carbon nanofiber technology for capacitors and how the CNF-MIM-technology can roll out a wide range of ultra-thin capacitors that fit very well with the new semiconductor segments Yageo is targeting.