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Latest news from Smoltek.

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Smoltek patent No. 69 now granted

Smoltek’s IP footprint relating to interposers keeps growing. This new Chinese patent is covering CNF-MIM capacitor applications on interposers. This also brings our patent portfolio to now comprise 69 granted patents.
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Interview with Håkan Persson, incoming CEO of Smoltek

Håkan Persson, with many years of experience from leading and developing listed technology companies, will take over as CEO of Smoltek. He will join the company no later than October 15, maybe sooner. In anticipation of his accession, we have had a short Q&A with him.
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Smoltek has been granted three new patents

Smoltek has been granted three new patents since the start of the year. The patents are related to three different families: Interconnects, Assembly platform and Compact energy storage interposer. This makes our patent portfolio to now comprise 68 granted patents in total.
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License agreement for evaluation of CNF-MIM technology extended

Smoltek announces that the license agreement, signed with a global manufacturer of electronic components for its technical and commercial evaluation of Smoltek’s capacitor technology, will be further extended until the end of August 2021. The extended joint project will continue with the aim of making it possible for the customer to enter into a commercial licensing agreement with Smoltek.
Ellinor Ehrnberg, President Smoltek Innovationi

Revolutionizing electrolyzer technology to meet future needs for cost-effective hydrogen

Hydrogen will play a key role in a number of industries, not least in providing the industries with so-called "green electricity", as part of Europe's energy transition to climate neutrality. But someone must also produce the huge amounts of hydrogen that will be required to meet the growing needs. At the moment Smoltek Innovation AB is testing its carbon nanofiber based technology, which may drastically increase productivity in hydrogen production at a lower cost than current technology.
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Vinnova project completed according to plan

The announced project within the framework of Vinnova's program "Smarter electronic systems” has been completed according to plan. Smoltek will now continue the work to achieve integration of CNF-MIM capacitors on 200 and 300 mm wafers.
Ola Tiverman, President Smoltek Semi

License agreement for evaluation of CNF-MIM technology extended

Smoltek announces that the agreement signed with a leading capacitor manufacturer for technical and commercial evaluation of the company’s CNF-MIM technology has been further extended, to December 31. At the same time, the parties have initiated a concrete dialogue on a possible continuation of the collaboration, with a decision to be expected during the first quarter of 2021.