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Latest news from Smoltek.

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Smoltek patent No. 63 now granted

Smoltek has yet another patent granted. This time in India. The patent is related to the growth process of nanostructures and it makes the Catalyst diffusion patent family complete.
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Founder and current CIO shifts role in the company

Smoltek announces that the company’s founder and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) Shafiq Kabir will leave the CIO position on January 22, 2021 to instead take on a role as a senior advisor and active shareholder in the company.
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Smoltek patent No. 62 now granted

Smoltek’s IP related to interposer technology keeps growing. This new US patent is covering energy storage devices embedded in an interposer, and manufacturing of the same. Our patent portfolio now comprises 62 granted patents.
Ola Tiverman, President Smoltek Semi

Ola Tiverman new head of Smoltek Semi

On October 1st Ola Tiverman takes on a new role as President of the wholly owned subsidiary Smoltek Semi AB, a business unit entirely focused on licensing technology concepts to the semiconductor and electronics industry. Olas new title: CRO & President Smoltek Semi.
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Helplayer IP-family expands with new granted patent

The constantly expanding Smoltek IP-portfolio is divided into several different patent families. One of them is named Helplayer, a method to protect the underlaying materials when growing nanostructures on a given surface. To this family we can add another patent number recently granted.
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Smoltek patent No. 60 now granted

Smoltek’s proprietary platform keeps growing as we have been awarded another approved patent. This new US patent covers energy storage devices and the usage of the same. Our patent portfolio now comprises 60 granted patents.
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Smoltek goes beyond Silicon

At the virtual IEEE NANO 2020 conference in Montreal, Canada Smoltek presented that the CNF-MIM capacitor concept isn't restrained to only silicon substrates.
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Smoltek strengthens the R&D‑team

Research Engineer Qi Li is a new member of the R&D-team at Smoltek. Qi will be working with the design, manufacturing and characterization of carbon nanostructure-based components.