MEPTEC´s Semiconductor Packaging Symposium

Smoltek will take part in the MEPTEC’s Semi­con­duc­tor Pack­ag­ing Sym­po­sium in Mil­pi­tas, Cal­i­for­nia on Novem­ber 30.

Smoltek is engaged in the event as a spon­sor, but will also be exhibit­ing. CEO Anders Johans­son and CTO Vin­cent Des­maris will rep­re­sent the com­pa­ny at the symposium.

“Smoltek’s dis­rup­tive car­bon nan­otech­nol­o­gy moves the bench­mark and pro­vides com­plete­ly new oppor­tu­ni­ties for man­u­fac­tur­ing of het­ero­ge­neous­ly inte­grat­ed cir­cuits. We are very much look­ing for­ward to once again take part in MEPTEC’s Semi­con­duc­tor Pack­ag­ing Sym­po­sium,” says Anders Johansson.

The sym­po­sium will explore cur­rent chal­lenges and pos­si­bil­i­ties in the semi­con­duc­tor indus­try under the tagline “Het­ero­ge­neous Inte­gra­tion – a road to imple­men­ta­tion”. The event will explore three issues cen­tral to the suc­cess­ful exe­cu­tion of het­ero­ge­neous inte­grat­ed packages:

  • Can the pack­ag­ing com­mu­ni­ty estab­lish a real design for het­ero­ge­neous inte­grat­ed ecosystem?

  • Should we rethink the reli­a­bil­i­ty stan­dards for these het­ero­ge­neous inte­grat­ed SIP packages?

  • What are the best test strate­gies for these het­ero­ge­neous inte­gra­tions, or at least what arethe guid­ing principles?

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Smoltek holds unique world patents for technologies that make material engineering on an atomic level possible. Smoltek has solutions that allow continued miniaturization and increased performance of semiconductors, contribute to carbon-free steel production and renewable energy storage, and enable mind control of robotic prostheses. This is a story of how Smoltek came to be.

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This is the first article in a series of three in which Smoltek founder and strategic advisor Shafiq Kabir share his personal thoughts on nanotechnology opportunities. This introductory article addresses the hype surrounding nanotechnology in general and carbon nanotechnology in particular.

A new position and a new face at Smoltek

Karl Lundahl is taking on the new position as Vice President Product Management at Smoltek, with start this fall. Karl has a long track record within the semiconductor, photovoltaic and electronic industries. In particular, Karl is bringing extensive experience in the field of advanced semiconductor packaging.
Ola Tiverman, President Smoltek Semi

Operational update on the activities in Smoltek Semi

A main goal for Smoltek Semi is to develop an industrial process for mass production of discrete CNF-MIM capacitors at contract manufacturers (foundry), including a specially designed machine for large-scale production of carbon nanofibers.

Smoltek wins the Best Oral Paper Award at EDAPS 2019

Smoltek attended the international IEEE EDAPS conference for the first time come this last December. Besides presenting new and improved data for the CNF-MIM technology Vincent Desmaris also won the title ‘Best Oral Paper Award’.

Watch our virtual presentations at ECTC 2020

ECTC is the largest global microelectronic packaging industry event of the year. This year however it will be an all-virtual event, which means that anyone can register and watch the technical presentations. So, if you like to get in the know of the CNF-MIM technology – register, it’s free of charge!

Smoltek patent No. 62 now granted

Smoltek’s IP related to interposer technology keeps growing. This new US patent is covering energy storage devices embedded in an interposer, and manufacturing of the same. Our patent portfolio now comprises 62 granted patents.

Smoltek patent No. 57 now granted

Smoltek keep growing its proprietary technology platform. In March 2020 the 57th patent was granted. This is a Pan-European patent which covers interconnects applications.