MEPTEC's Semiconductor Packaging Symposium 2017

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Smoltek will take part in the MEPTEC’s Semiconductor Packaging Symposium in Milpitas, California on November 30.

Smoltek is engaged in the event as a sponsor, but will also be exhibiting. CEO Anders Johansson and CTO Vincent Desmaris will represent the company at the symposium.

“Smoltek’s disruptive carbon nanotechnology moves the benchmark and provides completely new opportunities for manufacturing of heterogeneously integrated circuits. We are very much looking forward to once again take part in MEPTEC’s Semiconductor Packaging Symposium.” says Anders Johansson.

The symposium will explore current challenges and possibilities in the semiconductor industry under the tagline “Heterogeneous Integration – a road to implementation”. The event will explore three issues central to the successful execution of heterogeneous integrated packages:

  • Can the packaging community establish a real design for heterogeneous integrated ecosystem?

  • Should we rethink the reliability standards for these heterogeneous integrated SIP packages?

  • What are the best test strategies for these heterogeneous integrations, or at least what arethe guiding principles?

Read more about the Semiconductor Packaging Symposium here.

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